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Top 10 tips to Care for your Christmas Cactus

  1. Lots of Bright Indirect Light

  2. Water often - make sure it has a chance to dry out between waterings, then give it a good drink. Make sure it doesn't sit in water. Drainage is a must!

  3. Cactus soil please! And don't upsize too often. They prefer to be slightly pot bound.

  4. Provide humidity if possible! They love steamy bathrooms. You can also use a tray of pebbles and water close by to create humidity.

  5. Fertlize in the Spring & Summer.... DO NOT FERTILIZE WHEN BLOOMING.

  6. Bloom cycle requires less light & cooler night time temperatures. They will need to have 10-12 hours of darkness for blooms to set.

  7. Keep lighting and temperature fairly consistent. Big changes can cause the buds to drop off.

  8. Prune up to 1/3 off yearly if needed. These beauties can live for decades!

  9. Overwatering is the main issue and will cause the plant to look wilted. You may need to repot with fresh soil if you've over watered.

  10. If your leaves turn a red-is hue they are being exposed to too much direct sunlight. Move them away slightly from the window!


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